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  TMsearcher24 is a service of i-relations GmbH which is based in the University town of Lüneburg, close to Hamburg, Germany. i-relations GmbH is one of the leading specialist suppliers of solutions to the management of intellectual property from Germany. With its IPR-Solutions, i-relations GmbH takes into account the growing importance of immaterial assets and sets new standards with its product choice, quality, prices and services.

i-relations GmbH has looked after several thousand customers and along with its internationally-operating associates, it has an experienced network at its disposal. The IPR-Solutions consist of:

IPR-Solutions... Trademark and Company Name Search

Under IPR-Solutions you will receive the complete overview of the IPR-Solutions of i-relations GmbH.

From the synergy and experience which has been gained from the IPR-Solutions, the concept of Researcher24 has been developed. Researcher24 gives a comprehensive international range of professional services and products for the management of IPR. TMsearcher24 is the international Gateway to the extensive research services of Researcher24.

The Researcher24 advantages in a nutshell:

  • TMsearcher24 is the international Gateway to the extensive search and research services of Researcher24, one of the leading suppliers of solutions for the management of intellectual property from Germany;

  • all encompassing search and research services with over 500 products from over 240 countries. Classical IPR-Status of trademarks, companies, domains, titles, patents and the new ‘In Use’ research for brand monitoring;

  • Select specialist literature, software products, legal services and add-ons complete the research service;

  • the convenient Shop System strives, via its product selection and ordering procedure, for clear time and cost advantages;

  • Attractive discounts with volume discount and individual promotion codes produce additional price advantages;

  • The Researcher24 Research Management Center has an integral Online-Order Archive and makes possible an easy-to-use databank-assisted administration of your Research-Accounts, complete with interactive reports;

  • The Researcher24 quality management, experienced research teams and trusted, reliable research sources guarantee the highest quality standards.

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