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General Business Terms and Conditions

These General Business Terms and Conditions shall apply for all services rendered by i-relations GmbH in the services of TMsearcher24, IPRGuard and Researcher24 (hereafter, "Rs24"). Orders and purchases may be processed upon the Internet pages of TMsearcher24 exclusively through the Shop-System of Researcher24, which is available in English and German. Deviations from this may become a contractual component only through express written agreement.

All services utilized by the Customer shall be calculated upon the basis of the current price list of Rs24 and in accordance with the current performance specifications that are available on the Internet. All prices are understood to include the statutory VAT.

The Rs24 promotion codes (vouchers) have a time-related and/or product-related validity that is stated upon delivery of the voucher. There are no cash payments made for a voucher. A voucher can be used exclusively with a completed order made to Researcher24.

The ordering shall be made electronically through the Internet web site of, by fax or e-mail. At the same time, any transmission errors shall be the responsibility of the Principal. Rs24 shall reserve the right to reject orders.

The contractual partner is that legal entity which awards the contract. Awarding the contract in the name of third parties is permissible only with express power of representation. The obligation of the direct Principal to pay the invoiced amount shall remain unaffected by the invoicing in the name of third parties.

For its services, Rs24 shall avail itself of databases that are considered to be reliable. For data supplied by third parties, no guarantee shall be assumed regarding completeness, updating and accuracy. Rs24 shall likewise make no assurances or guarantees that the use of its products and services will be able to achieve certain results.

Processing times for the services offered are based upon the respective product specifications and are similar to stated approximate values. In the event of instances of force majeure or operational disruptions for which Rs24 is not directly responsible, the processing time shall be extended. For consequences that are derived from such delayed processing time, Rs24 shall assume no liability.

With respect to the similarity product level (similarity search), the Principal shall be obliged to examine whether the search terms used were selected properly and comprehensively. In the event that Principals, upon the basis of the data for the search that has been carried out, are of the opinion that the search is to be extended, Rs24 shall affect this for the Principal with no additional costs and transmit the additional search results by e-mail or telephone. In the event that the Principal fails to carry out the impending examination and make immediate notification, the Principal shall indemnify Rs24 in this respect from any further performance and any possible liability derived from the non-extension of the search.

For the IPRGsc products that Rs24 provides, sources such as particularly the Internet are resorted to which have no permanent state and are subject to constant change. In this respect, no guarantee can be made regarding the completeness, updating and correctness in the IPRGsc statements. Likewise, IPRGsc shall make no assurances or guarantees that, through the use of its products and services, certain results can be achieved.

Furthermore, damage compensation claims due to the impossibility of the performance, breach of an obligation, negligence in the conclusion of the agreement and tortious acts, both against Rs24 as well as with respect to their vicarious agents shall be excluded, provided that no intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence has taken place.

For all other non-excluded claims from this agreement, the service provider shall be liable only for intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence up to a maximum amount of five times the fee to be paid for the order. Provided that contract work law does not specify a shorter statute of limitations, damage compensation claims of the Principal shall become statute-barred six months after the completion of the order.

Rs24 shall not be liable for information transmitted by third parties and certainly neither for its completeness, correctness or updating nor that it is not subject to third-party claims or that the transmitter of the information has handled illegally by transmitting the information.

For failures in the distribution network of the Internet as well as server and software problems of third parties, Rs24 shall not be responsible and not liable. The performances of Rs24 shall be rendered in such a manner as they are available currently, without any express or implicit assurances being given, particularly regarding the existence of copyrights or other rights, the usefulness or suitability for a certain purpose.

The provision and transmission of search results shall take place at the risk of the Principal. The supplied search results shall remain the property of i-relations GmbH until the payment in full by the Principal. All copyrights shall be reserved. All services are intended only for the Customer's own use or, in the event of information transmission, for its Principal's own use. Any copyright, dissemination and reprinting for any other commercial use is prohibited.

In accordance with § 33 of the German Data Protection Act, Rs24 points out that it saves, uses and processes personal data in the execution of the agreement. If Rs24 commissions third parties for the rendering of the services offered, Rs24 shall be entitled to disclose the customer data if this is required for the operational security. The Principal hereby declares that it is in agreement.

Rs24 does not offer any legal advice.

German law shall apply.

Lüneburg, Germany, has been agreed upon as the legal venue.


Data Protection Statement:

Data which are collected through this Web presence are subject to the regulations stated by the German Data Protection Act (Datenschutzgesetz BDSG) and the German Telecommunication Data Protection Act (Gesetz über den Datenschutz bei Telediensten TDDSG).

Collection, processing and use of your personal data will always be in compliance with the strict German data protection laws. i-relations and her trade and service partners shall use collected data only if required for the sake of business and in the course of business relationship, and only if permitted by law and consented by you. i-relations needs your name, address, delivery address and payment details for the handling of your orders. Depending on the transaction, it may be required to share those data with i-relations' trade and service partners (e.g. for shipment of ordered goods).

Personal data shall be collected only with your consent, (by checking a checkbox) in the course of registration as user or customer. On informal request, you will receive information - free of charge - about any of your personal data in our database, likewise, you may informally apply for the deletion of your data at any time.

If you will want to gather information, please feel free to contact us

If you decide to make use of i-relations' Internet services, your data will remain on our web server. These data shall be evaluated only for internal, statistical purposes. Data will not be passed to third parties.


This Web shop utilizes Cookies with a so-called "session ID" that allows the server to recognize an individual user. However, cookies will not be stored on your hard drive but will remain in your memory during your current browser session. In order be able to make use of the shopping cart function in our online shop, the server needs to recognize you as a user. Hence, articles in your shopping cart can be assigned correctly and won't be lost.

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