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TMsearcher24 is the International gateway to the extensive search, research and monitoring services of Researcher24, the specialist for products and services for the management of Intellectual Property Rights from Germany.

Specials: You will find special offers for international trademarks search and international company names search on our Homepage: Specials.

Countries: TMSearcher24 offers you a selection of the most important Researcher24 products and services, sorted by country or region: Countries.

Categories: You have the possibility here to go direct to the category list of the Researcher24 shop with over 500 products. The shop is available in English or German:

Rs24 Trademarks
     - Trademark search (online/offline)
     - Proprietor search
     - Device search
     - Trademark watching

Rs24 Companies
     - Company name search
     - Company profiles
     - Excerpts from the commercial
     - register
     - Company name watching

Rs24 Names
     - Domain name search
     - Telephone book entries search

Rs24 Registered Designs
     - Utility model search
     - Industrial design search

Rs24 Titles
     - Protected title search

Rs24 IPR Status
     - Combined trademark-, company
     - name-, protected titles and
     - domain name search
     - Competitor watching
     - Watching

Rs24 In Use (powered by IPRGuard)
     - Brand Monitoring
     - IPRGsc (short coverage)

Rs24 Complete
     - Combined IPR-Status and In Use
     - research

Rs24 Linguistic Research
     - Linguistic research in european
     - and non- european languages

Rs24 Literature and Software
     - Intellectual property related
     - books
     - Special software for intellectual
     - property

Rs24 Services for law firms
     - Web Content
     - Virtual law firms
     - Legal directory
     - Law firm marketing
     - PR for law firms

Rs24 Add Ons
     - Namemaking
     - Brand development
     - Brand Valuation
     - Brand brokerage

The convenient Shop System, attractive discounts and the Researcher24 quality management produce time and cost advantages, complete with high standards of quality and service. When ordering you can choose, in the Shop System of Researcher24, whether you would like to pay in U.S. Dollars ($) or in Euros (€).

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